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Why does my St Augustine look stunted compared to my neighbors?2019-03-25T12:18:47-04:00

When it comes to the type of St Augustine in your yard, it can vary between neighbors. Depending on what the builder installed you may have Floratam, which gets ‘taller’ than the rest, or a semi dwarf type like Seville or Palmetto. The semi dwarf grass can be cut a bit lower than the recommended 4’’-5’’ for Floratam. The semi dwarf varieties of sod tend to tolerate the shade more than Floratam, but still require 5+ hrs of light to grow thick.

Is round up spraying included?2019-03-25T12:18:27-04:00

Yes, we will spray all visible weeds in plant beds, tree rings and along driveways and sidewalks.

How does Partners in Green protect my yard from my neighbors pests and or neglected lawn weeds?2019-03-25T12:18:07-04:00

At Partners in Green, our goal is to minimize the hassle of lawn care. We use systemic insecticides that stay inside the plant, providing 60-90 days of coverage. We also apply three pre-emergent weed treatments a year to prevent new weeds from growing. Both products are not cheap, but our goal is for you to not have to worry about what is going on with your yard, let alone your neighbors.

Some companies claim they can get rid of my existing crabgrass. Is that true?2019-03-25T12:16:00-04:00

There are some homemade remedies that have been used, like baking soda, that will burn crabgrass, but it comes right back. Asulox was the chemical of choice in 1998 that would kill existing crabgrass. That chemical has since been banned and cannot be used on St Augustine lawns. The best way to control crabgrass is to prevent it from germinating in spring. At Partners in Green we apply 3 pre-emergent treatments, one each in spring, summer, and fall, to prevent weeds from germinating.

I hear that other companies use banned chemicals that provide great results, why should I use Partners in Green?2019-03-25T12:15:40-04:00

It’s true, some use outlawed chemicals or do not follow Best Management Practices (BMP) in treating yards. We do not use banned chemicals or provide services outside of what is recommended in the BMP guidelines. We live here just like you and have a vested interest in providing quality work while protecting the environment at the same time.

What does Partners in Green do for fire ants?2019-03-25T12:15:16-04:00

Each of our technicians carries fire ant bait with them and if we see mounds, we will treat them while on-site. If you have kids or pets, you should look into having Topchoice applied for season long control. Topchoice is not available in stores and can only be applied by licensed applicators. If this is a service that you want, then call us at 813-451-7330 or email us here.

If I need to water in my application, will the water district allow me?2019-03-25T12:14:55-04:00

Yes, State law says you have 2 days to water in any application. Leave the spray sign in the yard so in case the inspector comes through he will know you have had an application applied.

What type of communication can I expect from Partners in Green?2019-03-25T12:14:32-04:00

After each visit, a door hanger is left explaining what was applied and any special requirements. Notes will also be left if there are other issues seen on-site. Service issues, promotions, etc will be attached to the monthly email invoice. Also, check out our blog for interesting information.

I would rather have a paper invoice sent to me, can you do this?2019-03-25T12:14:13-04:00

Without a question, yes.

Can I sign up for auto pay?2019-03-25T12:13:54-04:00


Are there contracts involved?2019-03-25T12:13:37-04:00


Are Estimates for service free?2019-03-25T12:13:18-04:00


Is there a referral program?2019-03-25T12:12:59-04:00

The best advertising we can have is word of mouth from current clients. We offer a $25 discount for every new client that signs up from your referral.

Who treats my yard?2019-03-25T12:12:34-04:00

We believe in having the same technician treat your property each month. This allows for better understanding of your property from month to month. We are able to blend a custom tailored mix for your property on each visit. We are not a national company that sends out a truck with just one product mixed in the tank for the day.

My grass does not grow in the shade. What can Partners in Green do for me?2019-03-25T12:12:14-04:00

There are many different issues with turf grown in the shade. Turf grows best in full sun where the leaves can photosynthesize to their maximum ability. Tree roots are another problem for turf grasses in that they take needed water, nutrients, and space from the turf roots. At Partners in Green, we take extra care to get turf to grow well in these challenging areas. This includes extra nutrients as needed and possible recommendations for work outside of the services that we provide, like thinning and elevation.

After an application, how long until I can mow my yard?2019-03-25T12:11:53-04:00

Most treatments allow for mowing right after an application. We will let you know with the door hanger if watering in is necessary before mowing.

Does Partners in Green treat zoysia?2019-03-25T12:11:34-04:00

Yes, we have a treatment plan for zoysia lawns.

When should I irrigate my yard?2019-03-25T12:11:01-04:00

The simple explanation to this is when the yard starts to show signs of drought stress. However, with county and city water restrictions, you are not always able to do what is best for your yard. Unless you are on reclaimed water, you are either restricted to one to two days per week. If you turn your clock off because it has rained a lot, don’t forget to turn it back on after a few days.

What if I have an issue in-between treatments?2019-03-25T12:10:39-04:00

Let us know. At Partners in Green, we hope that you never feel the need for service calls. Our goal is your complete satisfaction without worry. If you have a concern in-between treatments, you can call us at 813-451-7330 or email us here.

How long should we wait until we can go onto the grass?2019-03-25T12:10:10-04:00

The time varies based what application is applied. Not all applications need to be watered in. At Partners in Green, we will leave a door hanger informing you if the application needs to be watered in. County law does allow for you to water in after an application, if needed.

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Joanna Brown

“We have been very happy with their services. The regular monthly technician is knowledgeable and takes great care in his work. We recently had some challenges with he lawn and they took care of fixing things quickly!”

Brian Cain

“Outstanding service beyond the service! The Partners in Green Tech was doing his rounds in my neighborhood today and saw a pair of glasses, in the case, on the ground ( Left by my 8 year old daughter at the bus stop). He recognized the last name on the case and brought them back to me. Beside the great job he does and positive attitude he has every service appointment, he is a good person. I really do appreciate the work he and your company does for my home.”

Ioan Moscu

“Good service.. I have this company for 1 year the grass looks amazing.”

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